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Male Caster Archives






Malecaster’s Archives
Simply thousands of hot pix!











DanielFB’s site! Own pix, great contributions & webfinds + Forum











Collegecaster’s new site on Webshots.  All his stuff is HOT!




CastGimp’s Plaster Prose







Castgimp’s site for Adult Cast Fiction, simple!




MCA on Yahoo







OLD MC Archives on Yahoo.  Still there with some great pix!




The Ortho’ Enthusiast







TOE is now LATScaster’s site.  Own pix and other goodies!




Psycho Casting






Mostly fem site, but P’Caster’s own adventures pix are simply terrific!




Phloedix on Webshots







Young nice guy really into his
rec-casting! Some great pix!




BestofGetplastered Yahoo







GPs’s own collection of his many excellent casting adventures!




Cast Austria







Just beautiful and artful cast images - mixed gender




Bestmalecaster Yahoo








Austrocaster’s own nice cast pix + misc webfinds



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Rec-Casters Discussion
Updates, pix,, Friends, Stories, etc.




Male Caster Chat







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Gay Casters Clubs







Tobi’s Yahoo Groups
Mainly Contributions, + Webfinds
Lastest Group: 33











SwissPlaster’s new site and lots of his pix also in GCCs




Gatorcasting on Yahoo







Gatorcast’s own top site on Yahoo full of his beautiful casted limbs!




Castcum on Yahoo







Jennytoes showcases his own hot casted toez... with more!




Suncast38 on Yahoo







Many albums of excellent pix incl. mixed Mods and webfinds




Castmalemedia sites







Recent site, some nice free pix on webshots + more incl movies links




Castplast46group on Yahoo







Italian site, Casterplaster’s mixed sites with big body casts!




Ch_Gips on Yahoo







Swiss site - Lumach2002’s own plaster casts + mixed webfinds





for those guys also into other male ortho disability subjects.  Links, Forum, Archives, Chat etc.

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Male Caster Yahoo







MCs Zone on Yahoo
Please post cast contributions!




Gay Skater Caster







Daniel’s p/w access site - many hot casting adventures + XXX!




Cast Crazed







CastCrazed’s own fantastic Pix and Excellent Contributions. Top site!




Guysincast on Yahoo







Extrat1uk and Matteo showcase their own pix plus contributors




SockedCasts on Yahoo







Schnecke’s popular site for lovers of socked casted toez!




Bogey’s How-To







A wealth of pix and rec-casting advice - in German and English




Removed on request











Gossard56 on Webshots







Handsome guy with own pix. Mostly fem webfinds but incl males




Toey on Webshots







Toey’s (aka Bailey1003) own site on Webshots - lots of casts & cams




Dual_llc on Yahoo





French site - dual_llc pix plus various webfinds & big casts



Bodycastphotolovers on Yahoo







Halocast’s mixed gender sites also into big body casts!






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